As promised, the skirts worn. Sorry for the low quality webcam photos, but I haven’t figured out the self timer on my good camera yet. Fail. Also, I chopped off my face because I’ve been dusting all day and the idea of putting powder anywhere near my nose on purpose is just appalling. 

Outfit 1 - Skirt: Fanplusfriend, Blouse: Torrid, Belt: Torrid, Cardigan: Thrifted, Bracelets: Various.

Outfit 2 - Skirt: Fanplusfriend, T-shirt: Gift, Lace Shrug: Torrid.

Outfit 3 - Skirt: Fanplusfriend, Sweater: Thrifted(I think?), Belt: Torrid, Necklaces: Various.

Outfit 4 - Skirt: Fanplusfriend, Jacket: Camden, Blouse: Thrifted, Belt: Torrid, Pin: Evil Supply Co.